Finchley Road and Harben Road

Block details

Number of dwellings Number of storeys
Noel House 26 7
Hickens House 43 7
Glover House 24 9
Campden House 41 7


Building contractor:
Norman & Dawbarn


Committee approval date:

Local authority

Original commissioning authority:
Hampstead Metropolitan Borough Council
Original location authority:
Hampstead Metropolitan Borough Council
Present day authority:
Camden London Borough Council


NW6 4RJ, NW6 4RL, NW6 4RN, NW6 4RP
View of 7-storey blocks on Harben Road
View of 7-storey blocks on Harben Road
Estate name(s): 
Harben Road Estate

Recent comments

  • Living In Harben Estate

    Not a spectacular place, at the heart of South Hampstead.. easy access to transport, restaurants and entertainment. Life here could be described as confined, the walls are thin ensuring you know your neighbours more than you may like to. Surrounding a playground, Summer is filled with the sound of children playing, swings creaking. Central heating issues persist, maintenance is ongoing.

    Adapting to this structure hasn't been easy. Given the time scale of when this estate was built, it is easy to take into account the headspace of the architects. The effects of war and the demand for housing. Could be worse, could be better.