Henrietta Street, redevelopment area No. 5

Block details

Number of dwellings Number of storeys
39-66 Cannock Lawn 28 9
1-28 Cannock Lawn 28 9


Building contractor:


Committee approval date:
Significant alterations/demolition, etc.:
Since demolished

Local authority

Original commissioning authority:
Portsmouth County Borough Council
Original location authority:
Portsmouth County Borough Council
Present day authority:
Portsmouth City Council


Other location names:
Cannock Lawn
View of 9-storey blocks on Cannock Lawn
View of 9-storey blocks on Cannock Lawn
View of Cannock Lawn blocks
View of Cannock Lawn blocks

Recent comments

  • I grew up here

    I grew up here. Socially speaking. It wasn't so great. A lot of violence. Assault.. Racism. Quite a threatening existence. There was no social space to group with others or find out what was happening. not even a notice board. Most of the units were families with children and once you grew out of the kiddies play-park there really wasn't much to do. Even the benches in front of the building only went in at a much later date. A lot of vandalism and hooliganism. The interior layout and design was quite nice and modern and the interior had reasonable light in some rooms whilst others were very dark. It lacked a usable personal balcony or terrace space. The buildings seemed to have problems with construction. I believe the buildings were suffering from building-sickness. Substandard reinforced concrete perhaps. I remember my bedroom wall was dripping and black with mould especially in winter. Very cold with expensive to run storage heaters. I had a lot of childhood bronchitis and chest problems. Needed antibiotics regularly. Not sure what would have happened in the event of a serious fire either. No internal sprinklers. No fire alarms or smoke detectors. No on-duty warden. No security for residents. No intercom. I wonder why the buildings were demolished after only a couple of decades?

  • I lived here 1983 1989

    I lived in the middle part and had the constant delight of people walking under my bedroom and standing below chatting. Never a delight as I had to be up for school. The bedroom was small and dark and I never forgot the sliding toilet door sacking my wall at night and being woken by late visitors. Or people being in the dining room when I was supposed to sleep. I loved the huge lounge room. I actually miss the building.