Block details

Number of dwellings Number of storeys
Wheatley Court 96 16
Mixenden Court 96 16
Jumples Court 96 16
Hebble Court 96 16
Dodge Holme Court 96 16
Cragg Court 96 16


Building contractor:


Committee approval date:
Significant alterations/demolition, etc.:
Partially demolished. Hebble Court demolished in 2015. Cragg Court demolished. Dodge Holme Court sold to private developer in 1980s.

Local authority

Original commissioning authority:
Halifax County Borough Council
Original location authority:
Halifax County Borough Council
Present day authority:
Calderdale Council


Other location names:
Abbey Park Road; Mixenden

Recent comments

  • Mixenden blocks

    These are still all standing. Google "mixenden tower blocks".

  • Mixenden blocks

    Thanks Matthew - I think some of the blocks have been demolished (Cragg and Hebble Courts). The other four are still standing. Cheers, Hannah