Kitwell Farm

Block details

Number of dwellings Number of storeys
Southwell House 29 6
Kitwell House 27 6


Building contractor:


Construction start date:
Significant alterations/demolition, etc.:
Since demolished

Local authority

Original commissioning authority:
Birmingham County Borough Council
Original location authority:
Birmingham County Borough Council
Present day authority:
Birmingham City Council


Other location names:
Wychbury Road; Trippleton Avenue
View of Southwell House
View of Southwell House
Estate name(s): 
Kitwell Farm Estate

Recent comments

  • Photo

    Any more photos of this area from this time? I lived in that block!!

  • Kitwell House

    I lived in the block opposite (Kitwell House) in Trippleton Avenue in the 1960’s. The design is very unusual as each of the flats was actually a 2 storey “house”. There was a courtyard with washing lines and surrounding “coal houses” alongside the block. Happy days!