Tower Block books

Please find a link here to the book on which this project is based - Miles Glendinning and Stefan Muthesius's 1994 'Tower Block: Modern Public Housing in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland'.

The book documents and analyses the postwar UK mass housing drive both through a series of thematic chapters covering both architectural-social theory and the political and organisational background, and a comprehensive two-part gazetteer of statistical data and biographical references. This definitive text, out of print for the past decade, has now been digitised and is made available below, in PDF format, for anyone to use. The gazetteer data contained in it also forms the basis of our open-ended on-line resource.

The same authors have recently completed a new overview of postwar high-rise public housing in Britain, Towers for the Welfare State – an Architectural History of British Multi-Storey Housing 1945-70. Published by the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies at the University of Edinburgh, this book presents the first concise account of one of Britain’s most dramatic building campaigns of the modern age. A separate section sets out in detail the story of multi-storey council housing in all major cities and many towns in England and Scotland, including 534 illustrations, many in colour. An order form, with more detailed information, is available via the following link: